Fat Transplantation

Fat transplantation is performed on patients who prefer fat as a filler substance to enhance certain parts of the body, mainly the buttocks or as a natural filler for areas of the face such as the cheeks or the lips. Obviously, the patients have to have some amount of fat to be harvested or removed. The best fat to be harvested is from the lower abdomen and outer thighs. Although, other areas have been used as well, such as the lower back, and inner knees. The harvesting of fat is performed with the syringe technique whereby the fat cells have the best chance of survival and the least chance of damage. The amount of fat to be removed is dependent on the transplant area. The procedure is performed under local or twilight anesthesia. There are one or two sutures from the tiny incision which are removed the following week. Patients return to work within two to three days. Post–operative pain following this procedure is between one to two.