Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

Rhinoplasty is performed on patients who require reshaping of their nose. Most patients have problems with the shape of their nose from childhood, some patients have problems secondary to a previous trauma, such as nasal fractures (broken bones). The procedure is one of the most complicated procedures in cosmetic surgery, because there are so many dimensions and aspects to it. No one noses is ever the same, so the procedure always has to be tailored precisely to that patient. Some patients, for example, have fatty noses, some people have skinny noses, some patients have no humps, some patients have different degrees of humps. Some patients have wide noses, some patients have thin noses, some have wide large, boxy tips, and some do not, some have wide thin nostrils, some have small thick nostrils, some have droopy noses, some have crooked noses, some also have breathing problems as well. Therefore, there are a lot of techniques in rhinoplasty to achieve the best result. There are two types of approaches. One is called the Open Rhinoplasty. The incisions in this instant, are on the inside of the each nostril as well as one outside the middle lower portion of the nose, called the collumela. The second approach which is the one that I use, is called the Closed Rhinoplasty, and in this instant all the incisions are on the inside of each nostril, therefore, there are no external scars.